5 Effective guideline for Outstanding Homepage Design

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Hello All,

We heard about the website designing many times and we all know about the importance of it. Today I will discuss some points only about the Homepage of your website. We need to understand that how our website home page plays an important role in our profitability.

For your homepage, good design along with the user experience is one of the most beneficial investment you can make for your business. We work very hard to land customers and visitors on our website, but what if our potential customers don’t stick on our website, then there will be a huge loss of your company who works very hard to get potential customers on the website. And once your customers and visitors don’t find your home page attractive and user-friendly, they leave your page and that ratio called as your “Bounce rate ratio of your website”.

As many customers leave your website in the fraction of seconds your website bounce rate gets increase day by day, and that is not acceptable in today’s competitive world. After all, before contacting you, your customer visits your website so your website will give your company’s first impression in his Mind.

So friends, I would advise you to consider mention 5 points before designing your HOMEPAGE.

1.Establish Identity: Establish Identity of your company on your website means, make some goal/mission statement. What is your company’s goal? and define the identity of your company. You should at least focus on three points.

  • Introduce yourself and give a clear sense about your company /brand. What your company is all about? How does it deal? Etc.
  • Provide a clear path to navigate on other pages.
  • Be unique in design, Logo & Brand.


2.Keep it Simple: Keep your home page very simple and easy to get information for the customer. Don’t add too many information in homepage by adding a number of widgets, links and other clutters. Give your customer some time to understand your brand and don’t distract your customer by providing too much of information. Use easy to read the text, give proper and clear navigation.


3.Keep it above the fold:  Above the fold is the upper part of the homepage which is immediately visible in a browser without any scrolling or navigation. Here you can put most important part of your website which you want your potential customer must watch or read as soon as they visit your page. It is also important to check that above the fold is different for laptop and desktop from smartphone or tablet. You should take care of that part from your developer.

4.Font selection: Font selection is one of the most important factor. You should think from your user’s or from customer’s point of view and then decide your font. Use the simple and clearly visible font, avoid using too many different fonts. Your website font can actually have a psychological effect on visitors and greatly influence how they think about your brand. So understand the sensitivity of font and make the best use of it.

5.Color selection: Just like font, color also plays important role in creating a psychological effect. If your website colors fail to grab the user’s attention than there will be a chances that they go back from your website, and you will loss your potential customer. Don’t use too many colors in harsh hues it distracts the visitor’s mind.

So, this way you can design your homepage and get a maximum number of visitors on your site. They will love to stay on your website for longer time and will search for more options you have for them.To stay updated and in touch be sure to subscribe by submitting your email in the subscription box.



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