6 Steps for Effective Email Marketing

Posted by Kundan Mistry


Today I will share some important steps for Effective Email marketing. Email marketing word is very simple and easy, we all use email marketing technique to reach our customer or visitors to update about new offers, information or to solve your customer’s problems.

But still, you wondered that why people are not bothered about your email to open it or not getting expected result from it right?

By checking your email open rate you can find out that how many percentage of email ids have opened your mail or clicked on your link.

What determines email open rates?

Email Open rate =   Email opened / Email sent – Bounced emails.


Subject Line: Subject line is the first thing that your contact sees in any email. If you have an attractive subject line then it will help you to engage your reader, you can draft your subject line in such a way that I will capture the attention of your reader even if it’s not opened by your reader. Like you can put your reader’s name in subject line only it will draw more attention of the reader that you know him/ her personally. And it will encourage your reader to open your mail.

Write to one person: While sending an email you should keep in mind that it will much more likely to be opened and engaged your reader, so it is good to write person’s name in an opening with some greeting and then you go ahead with your message body.

Right time: Timing is a very important factor for email marketing, you have to decide right time for your audience so that you get a higher open rate. For the same you have to do some research for your audience like if you are doing it for any particular country then check their suitable time when they are more likely to open and checked your mail. Do some home work for your audience’s timing like if its for specific age or for specific group of people then you should match their timings.  An email marketing survey says that Saturday and Sunday had the highest unique open rates, compared with the lowest rates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Send from personal Id: To get some personal touch from your audience it is advisable to use your personal email id for an email marketing, sending mail from your company mail id can mark as advertising mail and can get deleted by your recipients. So it’s better to use your personal mail id.

Content: As we all know that content plays very important role in successful email marketing. After following all above steps if your contents are not good then it will end up in a trash bin. So make sure that mail is interesting, engaging, as well as informative. So sending high-quality mail less frequently is the best way to keep the open rate high.

Format your mail as per mobile device: As we all know that now we all are using our mobile phones to check our mails also. About 74% of smartphone owners use their mobile phone to check emails. So if your contents are not mobile friendly then there are high chances that your reader will skip your mail for later or may be never. So be careful about the formatting part of your email.

So, here are all some short and quick guidelines for Effective Email marketing, you and your reader both are spending their valuable time for it. So make it worth for both of you.

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