6 Ways to Increase User Engagement for Your App

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Here we will discuss some tricks and strategies that will help you to drive better engagement for your app. Creating app successful app means bringing good numbers of users for your app and engaging your user in your app. A great app with no users is equal to a bad app. So better you should pay attention towards engaging potential users for your app.

1.App Store Listing:

The first impression of your app start with the listing of your app, your work starts from here only, that when a user comes to App store to download your app. You should think from client’s prospective that why they should download your app? How will you help them in their work or life once they download it? How can they use your app? Once you will cross all this question you will understand that why you have to provide all this information on app store itself.

2.Easier Onboarding:

Onboarding experience means providing seamless and easy login, sign ups to your users. So you should make logins and account creations easy. Don’t overload your users with the information the get-go. We also experience tactics like as soon as we download any app on our mobile we get one short introduction about the app that how it works, it helps us to understand features and usage of the app.

3.Push Notification:

Push notification or messages serve very important functions. With the help of push notification, you inform your user about the latest news, deals, offers and so on. It helps remind your user that they have downloaded your app and keeps them engage and interested in your app.

4.Deep Linking:

Most of the company love to use deep linking when inviting other users to an app or to bring them to particular link or place in an app. Deep linking is also useful for other services like push notification or email notification which can bring your users back to your app. Deep link helps you to reach your user directly to the page where you want them to visit in your app.

5.App Updates:

App updation and revolution are must in the mobile app industry, time to time updation keeps your user engage and interested in your app. If your app fails to keep them interested than a user can also uninstall your app at any point of time.  So it’s very important to keep your app updated and user-friendly. We are also getting app update notification for all our app which has been installed in our cell phones right?

6.Incentivization / Rewards :

Reward and incentive are the best way to keep your user more engaged, it also increases retention ratio for your app.  So, give some special offers, promotions, Coupons to your app users. So that I will drive conversion and engagement. E.g Right now Domino’s Pizza has come up with an offer that if you order a pizza from their Mobile app, you will get One Pizza free! Same way you can also introduce some interesting deal for your users.

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