7 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Cloud computing or “the cloud” is being used today by many businesses for serve their IT needs. To make use of the economies of scale that this provides, increasingly more businesses are ditching the usual physical network servers that required enormous upfront cost for cloud computing. Servers are now located in remote locations but still doing the same job and sometimes even better. Running a business is no small venture and imagine getting caught up in all the problems that come with massive infrastructure. Sometimes businesses fail not because of lack of business but because time that was supposed to be spent on improving the company was spent trying to take care of IT problems. In this article, we look at seven benefits of moving to “the clouds”.

  1. Work from anywhere: There is no need to always rush back to an absolute computer when all your business data is in the cloud. Irrespective of where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can have access to all your data.
  2. Free up time and space: With your data in the clouds, there is time to focus or more important business issues like how to create value for your customers. Also, there will be no need for too many hardware and the maintenance that comes with it. All maintenance is done by the people managing the cloud system. When it comes to software, these are updated automatically.
  3. No capital expenditure: Cloud-based applications do not require any high start up fees in terms of infrastructure to buy. There will be fees for operating on the cloud, but these are affordable and can be planned for.
  4. Offer greater flexibility: As a business grows, its need for bandwidth may require an upgrade. Thanks to the tremendous capacity of cloud servers, this can be done in no time. This is a crucial benefit especially in the world of today where the ability to meet business demands can make an enormous difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.
  5. Easy recovery: we have all been in a situation where we have lost some important files just minutes before that important meeting. This would be a catastrophe for a business that is not in the clouds. However, if your business is in the clouds, there will be no need to panic as these files will be recovered in very little time.
  6. Improved Collaboration among employers: Many businesses today have employees working from different time zones. Sometimes these employees have to work on the same documents. For companies whose networks are not cloud based that will mean sending emails back and forth. However, when in the clouds, file sharing becomes very easy and people can access the same files from different locations.
  7. Good for the environment: With the entire rave about reducing the carbon footprints of companies, moving businesses to the clouds is the way to go. When in the clouds, energy consumption is significantly reduced and consequently carbon emissions.