Better approach for reach to the customer: Mobile Web Application development.

Posted by Kundan Mistry

When a web developer creates a website, they often design for large screens and lose sight of how it will look when a user browses the same website from their mobile device. When users click links within the site via their mobile then they facing some user interface design like phones, reading and navigating become difficult and they need to zooming and resizing to read or click.

There are several ways to approach a mobile web presence, such as implementing a separate mobile site or a mobile web app. The most recent and popular approach seems to be Responsive Web Design.

A mobile web app combines having the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices. And also the application given the benefits of a regular mobile site like it works across browsers and a different range of mobile devices.

It also having some of native apps like rich look and feel, offline browsing, location based services and video capabilities.

Using Responsive Web Design making flexible design for all mobile devices:

  • Build once and run across all devices.
  • It also maintains the huge difference in widths and heights, whether the screen is landscape or portrait, and screen resolution.
  • SEO Friendly – a single version of the website improves page ranking. Issues have arisen in which having two versions of a site (website and mobile site) impact page ranking.
  • Reduces maintenance cost and effort due to single link.
  • Providing control and flexibility – changes can be made at one centralized place. You do not need to contact multiple vendors to make changes when your mobile site/ mobile application are built by different development companies.
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