Do you know which type of logo suits your business?

Posted by Kundan Mistry

In the current business world, logos can either make or break you. These are the representations of your company. At a glance, someone can judge your business based on the logo you have. There is a couple of logo types available for small, middle and large business. You can always select the ideal type of logo for your business depending on the kind of business you are handling.

The following are the available logo options.

Wordmark Logo

Also known as text designs, these are among the most common types of logos. A recent study shows that out of the top hundred brand companies worldwide, 37 of them have text logos. This is an indication that embracing this type of logo puts your business in a better place. Most of the Wordmark logos work best when the company names are distinct enough in the logos. A magnificent example is the renowned Google Wordmark.

Letter Marks

Closely related to the famous Wordmark are letter marks. Typically, these are typographic logos and are also impressive when well chosen. In most cases, they involve initials and abbreviations of the company represented. These types of logos should be considered in cases where the company initials translate or appear better than the actual names of the company. They are also best used in circumstances where you have the need of linking subsidiaries to the parent and it is not possible to easily use the name. The Hp logo which is one of the most popular is just but one of them.

Iconic Logo

This is also referred to as symbolic logo at times. It helps in the representation of a company in a very simple yet significant manner. They are more like images. The images are often abstract and stylised to give strong visual interest. Most of the companies that are associated with this logo often have them alongside other alternative versions which appear flashier. Simple iconic logos are always preferable because they are easy to remember. Take an example of the famous Apple logo which features an Apple fruit bitten on its side.

Emblem logo

This type of logo features texts specially incorporated into individual symbols making the two inseparable. At a glance, you might tend to assume that the two are actually one. They always look like official badges or seals and that’s why most governments and political organisations. If well designed, they are charming and can correctly represent your company worldwide. Nevertheless, many private co-operations have also embraced this type of logo with the Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Starbucks Coffee being typical examples.

Combination Mark

These are considered to be the very most common. 56% of the top brand companies embrace this type of mark. It is always a better representation because it brings something from both worlds; wordmark and symbolic logos. Effective combination logos require time to develop if they are to be superb representations of your company. A magnificent example is the Adidas logo which is also very famous.

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