E-commerce trends prediction for 2015

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Shopping has moved from the traditional brick and mortar shop to online stores. As the use of the internet has become cheap and hence more accessible, increasingly more people are buying online. This has meant that smart shop owners have moved fast to gain an online presence. With the number of stores going online, there is stiff competition and shop owners who intend to make any real money from being online have to do more than own an e-commerce site. Understanding the trends and how it affects your business is very important. In this article we highlight some five top e-commerce trends that is guide you on the way to making big bugs from your online business.

1. Multichannel is how consumers do it

In 2010, there were very few online shops and even fewer persons buying online. Today, that has rapidly changed and people are shopping using different channels such as mobile phones, tablets or desktop. Increasingly mobile devices are being used to shop. To an online merchant, what this means is that they have to make their websites user-friendly and allow or use on mobile devices without the user experiencing any lack in quality. Most businesses are not creating software applications that users can download and use their phones for a better shopping experience.

2. Distance is not a barrier

We presently live in a global village which now means that a person in Africa can buy a laptop in India and expect the goods to be delivered to their doorsteps. All of this people do from the comforts of their homes or offices. For e-commerce operators, this has meant that they have to remove certain restrictions on shipping to particular locations. Instead, most of them are now investing in good security software to ensure that the safety of their shoppes is guaranteed. There are a lot of charlatans roaming about on the internet looking for unsuspecting shoppers to devour. Only websites that have proved their ability to protect their customers private detail ca be sure to gain more customers this 2015.

3. Differentiation becomes necessary

Just like in physical stores, online shoppers expect to be respected and treated like the kings that they are. That means that online shopping sites have to improve their customer services and deliver on promise. Shoppers are online 24/7 and an excellent shopping website should be able to allow for 24/7 shopping. Also, when it comes to shipping and delivery, customers expect to get their goods within agreed deadlines and with expected quality.

4. Use of social media

Many people are on social media networks and the new trend is that people stumble on new products and new shopping lines by being on social media. That is why most online shops are trying to stay on top by being actively present on social media sites. Most online shops will encourage customers to share or tweet and possibly like.

5. No cost of returns

Most online shops offer shipping of goods at a cost to the customers. While most customers wouldn’t bother about this cost, some will have to send back their goods when not satisfied. Some e-commerce sites are now offering free shipping on return goods. Although this may be costly for the merchant most of them ensure, this does not happen by providing quality goods that clients find satisfactory.

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