Facebook Developer Alert to Upgrade Graph API with latest SDK v2.12

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Facebook has announced his new graph update v2.12, Version 2.5 of the Graph API is set to expire April 18, 2018. so you will need to upgrade it for pursuing full benefits of it.

These logs document versioned changes to the Graph API and Marketing API, and any products or services that rely on them.

Breaking changes are any changes that affect all API versions immediately. Although breaking changes can be released at any time (meaning they are not tied to specific release versions), they are rarely introduced, but you can still go to the Breaking changes logs and check (but these changes are not confirmed yet).

If you are using the services of graph api Eg: if you are using plugin or app that generate user data on website it will be crashed, so beyond this we are providing services for upgrading from v2.5 to v.2.12.

This services is required for owner of Android Apps, IOS Apps, WordPress Plugin or website owners who uses Facebook Graph Api or Marketing Api

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