Have you taken benefit of A / B Testing?

Posted by Kundan Mistry

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Let’s start with today’s topic which is “Have you taken benefit of A / B Testing?”

Now a days website plays very important role for your business because now customer just searches on Google and get results in few seconds. We also follow the same process in our day to day life right? So Google will show the search result in the form of a website address.

Once website appears in search result customer may visit your website. What would you do to convert a visitor into the lead and give you more business? If you want to attract customers then you have to do certain small but important changes in your website which will give you major impact on your visitors that is called A/B testing.

Years ago, merchants discovered that small changes in website lead major impact on their website. They made a permanent concern of. Analysts were looking for possible improvements at the site. By testing it next to the original site (A) and variant (B) quickly became clear which ideas work and which does not.

Accessible Technology

Previously A/B testing was more costly and complex to use. To implement this you have to take a help from your team of marketing, design, IT and analysis etc. But now the time has changed. To set up A / B tests there are several affordable solutions which can be used by yourself also with some limited intervention of IT Team. Changes can be from simple changes like changing the color, size of buttons to complex ones like a change in the layout of website or shopping cart.

Is it worth it?

A/B testing brings some major improvements and conversion gains above 100% are no exception. But testing is also necessary because sometimes you have ideas about the improvement in your website but when you actually implement it produces less than hoped in when implemented in real life scenario. So even if your idea doesn’t work it will give you more idea about the behavior and needs of your customer.

Where to start?

Keep your testing simple in the start. So that by analyzing it, you can easily understand the impact of it on you visitors. So you just open your Google analytics report and check out your most visited pages from the website and start implementing your idea. In this place, I am sharing you some ideas with you.

  1. More return on buttons: Website buttons are the more attractive way to gain attention from visitors. Buttons like “subscribe newsletter” or “free newsletter”. You can test the size and color of the buttons to see which color or size gives you a better result.
  2. Replace the illustrations: Many websites have illustration features of icing. You can replace your old illustration if they are not giving you expected result try a new illustration. You can choose a photo where the model looks or points in the direction of a button. You can be sure that this will affect the attention of your visitor.
  3. Test the page sequence: Many websites start providing information without any well-planned layout. You can also change the sequences of your web pages accordingly to your target audience to check which one works better, Old sequences or new. Do some research and finalize it.

So, this is all about the A/B testing. Small and very useful information for every businessman who has his website or planning to have it. Start implementing your own innovative ideas for your niche and get a benefit of it.

Good Luck for testing and Happy reading 🙂