How to Increase Your Traffic Through Content Translation

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Content Translation? Have you ever thought about this point ?

No, Even I have also never think of it. But recently I read one article on this and have realize that how effective the Content Translation is..

Let me explain you with one example, You are searching on google for one particular keyword or title..

You got the popular website but when you clicked on it. Its in different language which you don’t understand.

What we normally do ? We bounce back from that website. But what if that website is having different language option for you. Then you probably wait and read complete article, correct?

So, simple logic behind Content translation is reducing bounce rate by translating your content in different language. Now you will have a question in your mind that, how we will come to know that in which language you should translate your content as there are so many languages in the world?

Here, you have to do some simple research on your website report with the help of Google analytics.

I hope you all must be using Google analytics for your website research , its quite simple and easy to understand so I suggest you to take a help of Google analytics and Do this basic research,

1.Find out where traffic is coming from:

 First step is to check your website report and analyze from where your traffic is coming? And accordingly take a action, even if right now you are not getting foreign traffic then also its always better to be prepared for it rather than ignore it.

Otherwise, you could risk your future traffic in major way.

Now, how to find out from where your traffic is coming?  Here I would like to share google analytics screen for better understanding,

Home page >

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels.


You will get this kind of report in your screen, where you can see Channel grouping.

Now under Secondary Dimension > Type Country > and you will get country details.




Now you can see from which country major traffic is coming from in term of source. And accordingly you can take action for your content translation, If its major from foreign countries then you have to focus on their language and make your website available in their languages.

You have one more option here, to check your report page vise,

Go to Behavior >  Site content > All pages.

Again in secondary dimension select > Country.

This way you will get exact idea about the country and their frequently visited pages on your website.

2.Use Third party Service to Translate your top post:

With the help of Google analytics you have an idea that your which post are performing better in foreign countries and from where you are getting more traffic. So to translate your website’s popular post you can use third party services which is available in many sites like

where you can get translator for high accuracy at a low price point.

3. Use Google’s translate Plugin for the rest of your content:

Once you have optimized your popular posts, now you need to work on rest contents also. Because when one particular post brings traffic to your website , chances are people may take interest in other content as well.
So you have to be ready with the rest content also. One simple and short way to implement this is,
Use Google’s Website Translator.
You will get below option by submitting your details you can translate your entire website into 100+ languages with ease.
Maximize your traffic today by adding this easy plugin from Google.


4. Localize Customer Support or replace with FAQ

You can give a additional support to your visitor by way of online chat/ technical support desk which is an additional advantage  nowadays. So make sure that you have competent staff accessible, which may not be feasible for small businesses. Here you can use a one common welcome window for all customers and then give them a option to proceed with the chat in English or to opt for FAQ which is in their native language.

5.Translate Social Media 

You can Localize your Social media accounts which builds client interaction with your company and can drive more traffic to you website. Facebook also gives an option for language selection which you want to prefer as per your traffic. Also Facebook is having Power Editor option where you can also give a ads by selecting your location and language. So by this way you can reach your audience in their local language and their suitable times.


When you are getting traffic from foreign countries but your website is not available in foreign languages then there are high chances of Bounce back. And they will never think of returning to your website. As they can’t even read your content.

So by simply translating your website you can retain your visitors and get massive boost in your traffic.


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