How to Index Article Faster In Google Index | Explained |

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Before knowing how to index faster, it’s critical to understand how  the giant search engine works.

Google Spider is a powerful software that crawls the web. When a link is crawled, then it’s indexed – (It will not Index each URL).

Crawling is like scanning of an antivirus program. In this way, the antivirus is the Google Spider as it scans (crawls) your Website.In simple words, Spider scans the web, whichever it finds a useful link, it stores on its server.

It means if it doesn’t find a URL, then it can’t crawl nor index. For this, it goes from one link to another. For example, if your site has many internal links, it will open every internal link, then it will go to the internal link’s site, in this way, this process goes on.

Due to the powerful power of Google, it’s indexed over 130 trillion links till now. Moz has 1.1 Trillion, Majestic has 1.5 trillion (fresh and historic), and Ahref has 12 trillion. What an incredible number!

Here are Some ways to get index faster:

1. Post to All Famous Social Media

Whenever you write a new post, you should post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Page, Google Plus Page, Pinterest.

In this way, Google can find your article with ease. When it will be crawling from one link to another, there is a great chance your article will be found.

It means you should make a page of your site on all these sites.

2. Youtube

Yep, I mentioned it in a separate because it’s the best method as per my view. You can make a short video related to your article, then upload to Youtube. You don’t need to be a professional video editor.

You will give the link to your article in the description. Write a short summary about your video.

3. Backlink of that Backlink

Many People stuck on this process on how the backlink is not indexed in Google but the fact is Google bots take time to crawl a specific site the solution for the problem is that if your backlink is not indexing, then you should make backlink of that backlink because I have explained how search engine works as it goes one link to another.

4. Submit Your Site to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

These are the two properties of Google that help Google in collecting the data indirectly that can use for marketing purpose because Google is an advertising company, and data is everything for it.

The same you see on Andriod, Google Map History, and Google Search History. It collects a lot of data of you without your knowledge, as per my view, it’s the same reason many PBNs are being caught due to the extensive information and logs you leave on your computer or RDP.

You should submit your site to both so that Google knows about your site.

5. Submit Your Sitemap To Google Webmaster

Sitemap helps Google to understand the structure of your site. Have you ever noticed whenever you write a new post, your sitemap updates, you see the update in Google Webmaster?

So submit so that Google Bot finds ease in indexing your site.

3. Google Submit URL

You can make use of to index your URL faster, but you must understand Google has two type of index. Fast Tracking Index and Normal Index.

In Fast Tracking, your URL will be indexed so fast, but after a few days, it might disappear until the normal index robot indexes it.