How to optimize your website.

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Hello all,

In my previous blog, we had discussed  How to build your own SEO team. So now let’s discuss optimization process for the website. So, How you can optimize your website?

As we all know that now Google is the best source of information. It provides all kind of information to his users. So you have to keep in mind that your website should be well optimized so that I appear in the search result of your prospects.  So for this, you have to optimize your website on regular intervals this not one-time process.

So let’s learn about the process or steps for Website optimization.

1.Keyword Research: Keyword optimization is the first steps for any optimization. You should know about your keywords and current search landscapes. Keyword research is not a beginning of your marketing strategy but you have to evaluate time to time.

To get a better idea about your keywords you can use Google Keyword Planner it will provide you data related to your industry and location. Once you do this and identify your keywords note it down and try to use these keywords in your optimization process.

2.Create a Great Content: Now as you are done with the keyword research you are more clear about your work, and your work is to create a content including your keywords so that you reaches to the maximum number of people who are looking for it. Try to use your keywords in your posts, product description as often as possible.

3.Website Speed: When you are optimizing your page you have to check out your page speed also. If it’s not up to the mark you have to work on it. You can check your website speed through Google Speed Insights. In this you can you can submit your website URL and check the speed of your website on mobile as well as on Desktop. Google Speed insights also provide you points to fix it. You can directly refer to it and upgrade your website speed rating.

4.Separate Landing Pages: Keep your landing page different for every new product or promotions. So, that you can create a different keyword for each page and try to work a keyword that is most relevant to your individual product.

If there are multiple keywords you think apply to this promotion or item, you may want to test multiple landing pages with each page focused on one keyword. Do this too often, though and you’ll slow your website down, so be sure to delete underperforming landing pages.

5.Update your page Title:  Make sure that your page title is also optimized. Most of the business owners have their page title same as their business names. You can optimize your page by putting best search names follow city or Service format. Try changing your page title by including your no.1 keyword like your Business name + Top keywords or you can also try in-cooperate some slogan along with your company name.

Try to implement this steps to optimize your website and will bring you a better result and evaluate it time to time to get a better result. And also share your experience in the comments box with me.

Thank you very much for spending your time!  Keep sharing 🙂