iOS Development Course in Ahmedabad

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Do you want to make solid career in iPhone development as a professional? There is INCREASING NUMBER of iPhone developer jobs in Ahmedabad and across top countries in the world. Saturncube Technologies is one of the best institute for iPhone training in Ahmedabad providing quality iPhone app development course.

iPhone Development

Learn the development of your own iOS application by taking advanced level of iOS App development training from Saturncube Technologies. The students who are new to the market or any existing developers who want to learn how to build iPhone and iPad applications can get help from our professionals Our trainers of iOS will enhanced the understanding of swift and objectives C from the basics to advanced level in very short term. Our experienced iOS trainer will show you how to create best structural and optimum code with MVC structures which is utilized in application day to day.

You will be trained how to,

  • Deliver iPhone and iPad applications development techniques
  • Design and test User Interfaces with the interface builder as well as the simulator
  • Add different functionality using Xcode and either Swift or Objective-C programming language
  • Combine navigation controllers as well as tab bars to offer multifunctional UI
  • Integrate pictures, autorotation as well as animation

Tools and SDK used for iOS development


Xcode is a software package which is utilized by the iOS programmers to code software for MAC Operating System X. You would use a language such as C++, Objective-C or Java. The Xcode interface impeccably integrates all these within a single Window:

  • Code editing
  • UI design with Interface builder
  • Testing
  • Debugging

There is an Apple LLVM compiler embedded that emphasizes mistakes of coding as you type and also smart to fix problems automatically.

iOS Simulator

Simulator enables you to quickly prototype and test builds of your application throughout the procedure of development. It runs on MAC system and acts such as standard MAC application while simulating iPhone, iPad, Wearable or Apple TV environment. Consider simulator as a primary testing tool to utilize before testing the app on actual device. Several iOS devices as well as different versions of iOS Operating System can be simulated with iOS simulator.


Software development Kit of iOS permits users to build application for iOS devices. This SDK includes Xcode IDE, instruments, iPhone simulator, compilers, analysis tools, frameworks and samples and many more. SDK is broken down in the following sets:

  • Cocoa Touch
  • Media
  • Core services
  • Mac OS X Kernel

Besides different tools and language, you’ll discover designing patterns, coding convention as well as guidelines and important concepts such as MVC, storyboards and delegation. Also learn latest iOS version functionalities with ease.

The SDK contents are separated into the following sets

Cocoa Touch

  • Multi-touch events and controls
  • Accelerometer support
  • View hierarchy
  • Localization (i18n)
  • Camera support


  • Open AL
  • audio mixing and recording
  • Video playback
  • Image file formats
  • Quartz
  • Core Animation
  • OpenGL ES

Core Services

  • Networking
  • Embedded SQLite database
  • Core Location
  • Threads
  • Core Motion

Mac OS X Kernel

  • TCP/IP
  • Sockets
  • Power management
  • File system
  • Security Core Location and Mapping
  • Threads
  • File system

Who can join the Program?

1) Students: – For Students who are looking for iOS Training and want to make career in iOS Development field.

2) Working Professionals: – For Working Professionals we have designed our iOS Development Training which help them to increase their income by doing Freelancing work from home or office. After completing the training,

3) Entrepreneurs and Start-ups: – For Entrepreneurs and Start-ups we have designed our program iOS Development Course in Ahmedabad. For Entrepreneurs we have designed program which give benefits to business and provide them Lead Generation and help them to grow in career.

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