Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Posted by Kundan Mistry

In earlier 2017, we noticed a significant development in mobile technology. it took a big leap in terms of customer experience but also increased revolutionary concepts, taking it to new heights.

Android featured ‘Oreo’ an updated operating system with fully loaded utility scope and Apple introduced ‘iPhone X’ to reveal even a larger market share. Along with some creative ways of integrating them into the real-life app, solutions are a game changer for mobile app development company in 2018

It’s important for us to look back and analyze the status. It is for sure that various technological changes are going to take effect as the mobile technology evolves in 2018, we are already enjoying some trends in mobile app development technologies that need further improvements and innovation for better experience giving businesses new opportunities.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile Apps start Rushing to Get a Web Presence.

Businesses depend on mobile apps will divert their focus towards the development of web presence – it has become the first major mobile app development in 2018. Just take a look at the mobile app space and you will understand the increasing the congestion. Many enterprises want to retarget and innovate their efforts in reaching the right customers, for doing so, concentrating on web apps is sure a good start.

The major reason behind businesses shifting towards web app is due to slumping search engine authority for businesses moving around with mobile approach only.

Mobile Apps Integration with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Back in 2016, the game launched Pokemon Go and went viral. With this game, mobile users came directly in contact with the Augmented Reality Technology. The game experience was a really good and users started expecting more, In 2017, AR and VR made to the various mobile app platform to reach the beyond promotion and engagement purposes.

Google Cardboard introduced in 2014 was the up first VR technology, which now has been evolved and as a result of productive contributions from some of the bigger brands and innovative solutions. Now, few products like Oculus owned by Facebook and Daydream owned by Google, exhibit to help in the growth of AR and VR technology to new boundaries with surveys and some market analysis report and we can generally predict that the market of VR products will reach $30 billion by the end of 2020.

The technology is growing day-by-day and offering advanced resources and facilities. Plus add to that “various enterprises are showing major interest and inclination to integrate AR and VR features in their new or existing mobile apps”. This is definitely a pull around happening mobile app development trend in 2018.

Mobile Apps Call for Savvy Features with Artificial Intelligence.

Though AI (Artificial intelligence) is a newly launched technology in the digital world, and it is growing very well, and major businesses tend to adopt it at a blazing rate. Each and every new integration and evolution in the AI domain is specifically boosting and technology to reach new heights. ‘Siri’ a built-in intelligent assistant in iPhone, answers your questions or book a cab for you is basically a typical example of well-developed AI. Furthermore, Now, driverless cars will drive from place to place without touching the steering wheel is also an advanced integration of AI technology.

You can be definitely sure that by the end of 2018 AI will develop, evolve and will be ready for further improvements. The great capability to auto-adapt will help AI in advancing by absorbing and deep learning from surrounding environments and feeds. Recently in 2017, we succeeded in programming Artificial intelligence to furnish certain tasks using perception, reasoning, and experience.

Apps will Demand Added Layer of Security.

The volatile nature of the online databases and the vulnerability of integrated environments wherein the apps reside and operate ask for a more secure and protective layer of security that will safeguard user interest. This has motivated every entity related to mobile app development to explore different options that would protect and secure apps from all kind of threats and risks.

2018 will come with a new mobile app development trend emphasizing great improvements in password locks, encrypted storage, multi-layered validation access, remote wipe setups and a higher level of monitoring and authorizing processes.

Digital Wallets will Rule the Chart

High-end technology, additional safety layer and increased user interest to shop online has resulted in surging the demand to integrate digital payment services in the mobile apps. The inventive offerings, compelling possibilities, and resources interrupting the virtual money space offer loads of opportunities to innovate digital wallets and pave a way for their growth.

If we look at the market you will understand that the urban population that was actually reluctant to shop online has accepted online shopping as an affordable option and is not hesitant to pay using digital mode of transaction. Mobile app users for sure have an inclination towards online payment and have accepted the fact that virtual payment and digital wallets are going to become a way of life in near future.

This user tendency has forced many marketers, mobile app businesses, and enterprises to shift their focus towards development and integration of mobile wallets in their mobile apps. No surprises in the kitty, you ought to see more of this technology growth in 2018.

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