Parallax Scrolling: Do you know this?

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Something new attracts human being always. There’s no doubt about it: parallax sites look awesome. There is nothing more powerful than a stunner image taking up every inch of your computer screen. But just as every coin has two sides, there are pros and cons to parallax scrolling that the curious-minded should be well aware of.

“+ Points”

Hold website visitor to view full site

Parallax websites can also be used as a front page for your business if you want to showcase your vision right from the beginning; this is a good way to immediately introduce visitors to your concepts. The advantages of parallax scrolling are not just about web designers’ decadence. If done well, the unusual look captivates visitors, making them spend more time on your site, scrolling up and down to their heart’s content.

Everyone likes to listen good story

Parallax scrolling sites can be constructed in a way to provide the user with an interactive story. Pioneers of technology are continually pushing the boundaries of contemporary storytelling, so what’s the point of hanging on to outdated methods of presenting products or information? Parallax design combines an interactive product story with amazing visuals to emphasize the demands of their ideal consumer.

Afraid of Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate indicates the number of visitors who visit your site and hit the dreaded Back button before exploring any other pages on your site. When visitor opens a website with parallax scrolling, a parallax website provides a dynamic experience that encourages users to stay on the page longer. More interesting scrolling and idea would make visitors check website two three times. And sometimes they would show to their friends ;-) which would lead few more hits.

“- Points”

Parallax and SEO, Not close friends!!

Parallax website design is simply not SEO-friendly. Parallax scrolling means your entire site is in one page. Therefore, you lose out on meta description and title tags, one of the most important factors to determine rankings. Having one page rather than several means that you’re looking to rank for all your keywords on a single page. Website would not allow to update the content with fewer pages compare to number of pages. Definitely this would be a hit for SEO.

More Load = Less Speed

Parallax website would create a nice effect but in cost of images and load time. Animation and layered imagery can result in longer intervals between clicking and loading. What’s more, having so many images on one page can make your website slow to load – one of the main factors causing a person to leave your site right after clicking on it is slow loading time.

Power can be destructive if not used in proper manner

It can be difficult if parallax scrolling is not used correctly. Using the effect on a content-heavy site can require too much scrolling which can frustrate the user and make reading difficult. If some expert designer team handles the parallax design then it would definitely lead great result, but in wrong hand it may result in a bad example.

Parallax scrolling sites will provide the viewer with a slick, stylish and elegant experience that they will not forget. Few important points would improve the usability and help designers to produce stunning website which would make an impact.

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