Steps To Build Your First Mobile App.

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Hello Friends, My previous both Blog were about the mobile app, first Benefits of Mobile App into Your Business and Second 5 Important factors while selecting Mobile Application Development Company. So, I had a thought that now you must have decided about the Mobile application development for your own Company/Business right? And if you are not a businessman then also next thought in your mind is must be about, Process of Building Mobile app. So let’s discuss the Steps which we need to follow for mobile app launching.

  1. Get an Idea / or Define a Goal: An idea that changes your life or your business style. You should have that great idea of designing your own mobile app, and get clear direction about the app that how it will work for your clients, customers, and visitors.
  1. To recognize a need: Once you have an idea about your App. You should work and analyze your app requirement in the market, you have to check out that how much percentage of clients or total google user need your application or searching for the same kind of requirement and that you can find out through Google Keyword planner. It will give more assistance to your idea.
  1. Decide Layout and features:   Design and develop your foundation on paper, prepare sketches about your app which you are willing to provide your audience, clients, to visitors from their perspective. While updating it on paper try to mention all require, detailed information about the app. So your developer will get more clear idea about your thoughts.
  1. Hire a Developer: Once you are done with all above steps now its time to knock right company who can convert your dream app into reality. You have to do some research to find our right company, check out their portfolio company creditability and then Hire them.You can take help of our blog “5 Important factors while selecting Mobile Application Development Company for it.
  1. Create developer account: You must register your app with respective app store platform from which you want to sell your app. Like Play store.
  1. Incorporate analytical reports: Analytics will help you to check your user activities like Downloading, user engagement, retentions locality of a user etc. Which will help your business to grow. Google analytics is one of them you can use it for free.
  1. Get User Feedback: User Feedback is very important, for any kind of further improvement in App. So, once you launch your app on app store keep updated yourself with user feedback and rating.

So, this is all about the Mobile application development process, I tried to put it in simple steps for you. Don’t              forget to share your feedback to improve my blog  🙂 Happy reading 🙂