The Role of PMS in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Posted by Kundan Mistry

In terms of project management, the methodology for carrying out software development projects is referred to as the Software Development Lifecycle or SDLC. For projects to be carried out correctly and to their conclusive end, they have to be planned, executed and monitored. For software engineering, this is done through the use of SDLC. To facilitate the whole process of developing software, project management system is now incorporated and now plays a significant role in such projects.

Software development life cycle refers to the use of different phases to all which are geared towards the development of software. Each stage has its clearly defined objectives and deliverables. Often times, the deliverables of one phase are used as inputs to the next phase until the final product. Irrespective of the software development model used, most projects will go through the following phases.

  • Data gathering and analysis: Information relevant to the project is put together and in the end a specification of requirements document is produced
  • Design: Hardware and software are designed based on requirements specification. Output is a design specification
  • Coding: Using the design specifications, developers work on creating the different components that will make up the system.
  • Testing: Codes prepared in the previous phase are tested to ensure they meet requirements
  • Training: If the test is successful, software is distributed and customers are trained on its use
  • Maintenance: As the customer uses the software, real problems are bound to come up requiring fixing
  • Evaluation: Then developers may have to evaluate the software and ways of making it better.

This can be a very huge project that requires correct coordination at all times. That is where making use of Project Management system, PMS, becomes useful.

A successful developer will be one that meets his client’s expectation within budget and deadline. To be able to complete a project successfully, managing resources is essential. Since this can mean working with people across the company and processing massive data in real time, a system that is programmed to take care of all that without too much interference from the developer becomes necessary.

PMS come complete with modules that help in the software development process. There are team management modules, test management modules as well as tracking and analytics modules.   They help project managers track the progress of their projects so they can easily detect problem areas and work on them. Requirements can be broken down into smaller work activities that can be assigned to the team. This helps to see when activities are scheduled to start and end and to check all those that are on the critical path. PMS also offer test management options where test results and history can be tracked. Also, regression analysis can quickly generate through the system using acceptance test and other new trials.

The volume of work that is involved in Software Development Life Cycle necessitates the need for a good software that helps in managing the entire project from one place. PMS offer this opportunity and most software development companies are making use of this innovation.

We, Team of Saturncube Technologies have delivered number of successfull projects with use of our PMS and exceeded client’s expectations. If you are planning to execute any mid or large scale project then feel free to let us know.