Things to know about Mobile Keyword Research

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Why is Mobile keyword research nowadays more important?

A reason is the majority of us are more likely to search on mobile than desktop.

We are so mobile friendly that every now and then we use mobile phones to search. So no doubt that our customers and target audience are also performing the same. So we have to now think about mobile keyword research also.

Before going ahead let’s understand the basic and major difference in Mobile Keywords and Desktop Keywords.


Desktop Keywords:

desktp keywords1



Mobile Keywords:

Mobile key

After looking into a difference, you can easily understand that how mobile keyword research is important. It’s also mentioned in the A 2013 study by Google and Nielsen that,



Now the question is how we can handle mobile keyword optimization and why?

  • Keep your keyword short: Now we can understand that Mobile users type short keywords than Desktop user. So by keeping your keyword short, you can reach your niche. SEMrush ( this website gives you a better idea about the short keyword which you can use for your audience instead of long keywords. You can type your Desktop Keywords in and can get a result for the mobile keyword.
  • Location of user: Google has reported that 94% of the user searches for location based information like Mobile app company near me, Grocery shop nearby, Etc. So it’s been noticed that Mobile user are location oriented. So make sure that your business is available to Google along with your company name, address, and phone numbers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Location1                                                                                                                                                          You can claim your business page by using and make all the details available for your business.


For current SEO process, mobile keyword research plays a vital role.

Customers and visitors are now more mobile friendly than desktop it’s easy to access on the Go.

Search behavior of the customers are changing so we also need to change our process of Optimizing keywords. Please share your views and feedback in the comment box.

 Happy reading 🙂


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