TOP 3 SEO Principles you should Implement.

Posted by Kundan Mistry

We generally struggle with the best SEO tactics which we can implement for our website to get more traffic.

There is always a better ways and new hacks to boost website traffic. As SEO is always changing, and Google also update their algorithms more than 500 times every single year.

So we have to keep on learning and implementing new SEO hacks that will bring more traffic to our website.

There are many SEO tactics that you can implement, but I would suggest you this 3 Basic SEO principle that is most important to implement for getting the best result

So let’s begin with the first point that is,

  1. Increase the page speed :Website page speed is one of the important Ranking factor.Higher the speed of your website page, better will be the chances of your website ranking high.In today’s competitive world where time is so precious, people don’t  even wait for 10-15 seconds to load your site.Keep in mind that Google is also providing search result in fractions of seconds, so they will not rank your website higher if its loading time is higher.Google will rank your page down if your page loading takes more time and even if you have a good number of backlinks available. And ranking down means losing your precious customers, for whom you worked so hard.

    You can test your website speed and check result for mobile and desktop

    This will help you to optimize your page better.


  2. Create Better and relevant content :Creating content is all about the SEO, You have to use relevant content to your website that will help your visitors as well as to you.Serve what your visitor needs and they are more likely to have better website experience and will definitely turn back for more information in future.Good content can help you in getting better backlinks also, once people like your information and website content they will defiantly link back to you. This way you can increase your backlinks along with the keywords.You can know more about the content marketing through Advanced content marketing guide written by Neil Patel
  3. Work on Meta description:What is Meta Description?Right below your URL on the search page is a sentence that serves as the meta description. In which visitors will get a brief idea about your page like what they will learn on your page. You want it to be engaging and truthful and prompt people to click and learn more. Use call-to-action words such as “learn” and “visit” to engage people and encourage them to find out why the information on your page is important to them.metadescriotionConclusion.Nowadays People constantly struggle for their website to perform better, get more visitors and generate more revenue out of it.Not all of us can hire SEO Team but with the help of this 3 Simple principle we can get our website ranking higher and can get benefit out of it.Thank you!