Posted by Kundan Mistry

2014 was a great year for the mobile industry in terms of technology introduced and the revenues generated. Technology enthusiasts can look towards 2015 with a smile as it holds more promise in and the market is already excited and curious. The Mobile App market is becoming more and more lucrative. With the New Year here with us already, some of the trending App development trends to expect include:

(1)    Cloud Driven App-Development

The cloud technology has hobbled up how things are done in mobile technology. In recent years, there has been experienced an upsurge in the number of mobile devices used all over the planet. The cloud technology makes it possible for users to synchronize and integrate Apps and files across different devices and platforms. This technology will make it enable mobile App developers to develop their Apps, which are accessible via multiple devices with the same features, functionalities, and data. The cloud technology is set to expand and as so with this, the mobile application development platform will grow.

(2)    Multiplayer Mobile Games

2014 saw the rise to prominence of multiplayer games and this looks to be a trend, not stopping anytime soon. The introduction of multiplayer modes for games has given rise to the need for integration between games and social media with this integration gaining renewed importance this year more than ever. The mobile game industry is also expected to expand as it becomes more cloud-driven. The rate of progress, however, will depend on the efforts put by game developers in management.

(3)    App Marketing

Last year saw the App marketing focus more on user engagement, as opposed to user acquisition that was typical of previous years. Now that user engagement techniques expected App marketing in 2015 to focus more on this with optimized App stores for mobile devices. The improving Beacon and Location based Wi-Fi services will make it easier for App developers to locate targets for their apps. Still in App marketing, expect In-App advertising and purchasing to reach new heights with a total amount of $7.1 billion expected to be spent on In-App marketing. Saturncube Technologies provides dedicated App Marketing SEO campaigns.

(4)    M-Commerce

Researchers point out that there has been a positive growing trend in the total amount of sales transacted by retailers via the use of mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. 2014 saw 19% of the total transactions conducted through mobile devices and it is projected that the percentage will rise. This is due to the increased security levels as more and more consumers adopt mobile payment options. With the development of apps such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, credit and debit cards face the threat of obsoleteness.

(5)    Wearable Devices

Wearable tech trend in 2014 and is poised to continue trending for the few coming years. The previous batch of mobile wearable-targeted fitness and health care apps but this is set to change in 2015. Enterprises are established to take advantage of the potential that wearable tech provides in increasing productivity and efficiency for their mobile services.

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