Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Today we will discuss about the Website design Trends, which requires changes and regular updation. We cannot stick on website designs which is older than 2 years. In fact, web design is so dynamic, that thing considered the fresh and modern couple of years ago nowadays may seem to be completely out of date. This website updation will help you to maintain good Alexa ranking as well as it will affect your SEO process.

Website designing requires a perfect combination of creativity and technical knowledge. Therefore technical updates can influence the latest website designs trends. The year 2017 made some dynamic changes to the world of website designing. This article puts together five trends of 2018 for the world of website designing.

 Let’s figure out what are the trends for web design in 2018 and what predictions.

  1. Bright Colors : In Coming next year web designers plans on using vibrate colors for websites. In fact they may use Bright and bold shades, which play well with the both material design and flat designs. Many big companies has already started implementing the idea of multi-colored gradients to the somber flat colors.

         We can see some example in our day to day life that is social networking app “ Instagram”. They started this                 change with the alteration of cooperate logos and images.


      2.Photo content : Use of photos will remain relevant in year 2018 also, because it’s very useful and self                            explanatory mainly for ecommerce sites. Photos of original products are regarded as valuable content for                      Ecommerce portal.

       Hence, the original ‘photo-content’ is unquestionably important for any website and the emergence of original             photos is going to become a trend in 2018. If you need a unique and recognizable design, just collaborate with             a digital designer.  Digital designer is getting more importance in due to this reason.


     3.Unique Pictures and Graphics : Graphic designs requires a creative and systematic planning to reach a               solution to  meet certain Objectives. The designers are considering graphic illustration will be more popular and         in use in  2018. Originality of sketched objects has a unique appeal and this has helped in commercial branding           for years. Line arts and icon designs are also included in this category so use of certain kind of Icons will remain          in trend  for 2018.

    4.Animation : Animated objects are very much popular now a days peoples are very much interested in using               animated objection even in logos, icons and applications. In 2017 website designers are also used GIF format               videos, it’s been proved that GIF and other kind of animated videos engage more viewer’s attention compare to           static objects.  Therefore animated videos will rule website design in year 2018.

   We can see clear result of animation on popular website Its very famous now a days. We can     create popular videos and slideshows with the help of animoto.

     5.Geometric Shapes : Using of Geometric shapes like Lines, circles, and patterns concept introduced in year           2016.  It became more versatile and very more popular in 2017 and will be continue to make a impact in 2018 as         well. Designers will use this Geometric pattern in more innovative ways in website layout.

      So this are the latest trends for website which will continue to gain their popularity in 2018.

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