Top 6 ways to Optimize your LinkedIn for SEO

Posted by Kundan Mistry

The rising growth of influence of social media on businesses is too evident for anyone to ignore. If you are a tech-savvy, keen on improving your professional image to boost your business’ performance, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a platform for businesspersons to find the best deals in terms of labor and customers for their business.

With over 332 million users, one would have to do more than just having an account if their presence on LinkedIn were to count. These are just some of the steps you can take to optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO and be ranked among the top best profiles for every search result.

(1) Your profile – For your profile to get the best rankings on search engines, finishing your profile is vital. Fill out all sections that require filling and get a good professional photo, which in most times is advised to be recent.

(2) Make more use of anchor text links and keywords – Your job title defines a keyword and clarifying your title will make up for a good use of the keyword. For the 3 links that you are provided with when opening your account, try customizing them for a more SEO-friendly term. You can hire dedicated team for Linkedin SEO as well.

(3) Network and group membership – There are groups with open membership in LinkedIn. Find a relating group, join and be an active contributor and within no time, your network will have spread and your profile will receive more clicks than before you joined as a member.

(4) Make use of other social sites –If you own a website or have accounts in other social media, you can promote your LinkedIn profile. You can put a link to your email signature or use it at the foot of your blogs and this often times than not, delivers results. It is advisable to get impressive email signature designed specially for your business domain, you can include latest offers in email signature also.

(5) Analyze your content – Just as it is important to a website to maintain high-quality content in order to generate traffic, so is your LinkedIn profile. Most people link their profile with their blogs, fill out correctly their profiles but do not match this to the content on their blogs. Share your blog content on LinkedIn but if you need this to deliver results, the content then must be up to the mark and preferably relating to the information on your profile. If you feel like your content is great, promote it shamelessly and share it across other platforms.

(6) Recommendations and Endorsements – Receiving recommendations for your profile will not only make your account likable but will improve your ranking in search results as found by research. Endorsements also add a beautiful touch to your profile and the more endorsements you collect and recommendations you get, the higher your profile gets ranked by Google and other search engines.

LinkedIn must not be underestimated as just another social site. With its growing influence in job marketing and sourcing for services and products online, the business site holds so much promise. Just to illustrate its importance in search engines and the importance of an optimized profile, try to Google the any relative keyword and the number of LinkedIn results on the first page will amaze you.