Why Google Won the Race, All Others Failed!

Posted by Kundan Mistry

Lycos released its search engine in 1993, Yahoo! came out in 1994, and Alta-vista started working as a search engine in 1995, but Google came out in 1998 as we are talking about history of Google.

It was released after these 3 search engines, but Google became the best search engine among all.

Because all those search engines ranked a site due to keywords appearing in the articles. People had to open page upon page in order to find the desired results. Google was the first engine that gave ranking due to backlinks. It was an indication that if a website is getting a link from another site then it means that website has a value.

That’s why, backlinks have always been the top ranking factor. Google Algorithm is the fastest among all! Majestic? That has 800 million URLs, Moz? that has 200 million URLs, and finally Google that has 30 trillion URLs (Growing).

How did Google do that? 30 Trillions? Are you joking? Right! I read an article written by Jesse Alpert, a software engineer at Google, who wrote that when a Google sees a link on a website, it follows it, when Google follows that it finds another link from that link. In this way, Google finds URLs and we call it Google Robots.

That’s why, we make a Sitemap of our website so that Google can find our URL with ease and submits to Google Webmaster Tool (Google Console). That’s why, if our backlinks are not indexed, we make backlink of that backlink via Youtube Video or any other platforms so that it can be indexed easily.

That’s the reason, Majestic, Moz and SEMRUSH are just the tools that help. They are not much powerful as Google is.

Google took 18 years to make such a powerful search engine then Majestic, Moz and SEMRUSH really incredible isn’t it! I am not saying they provide wrong data! No! I just want to change your perception regarding SEO! Think beyond SEO! Think out of box! The day you will understand how Google works, then it will become easy for you to rank anything.

That’s why, I say to my friends! I am not impressed by any girl in my life as much as I am impressed by Google because Google gave me everything what I wanted either it was getting a software I need or the knowledge I want to get even also some people’s 90% of English improved due to Google!