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Package/Label Design

Starting a new product line or need your packaging design refreshed? Our graphic designers can help you create packaging and labels to suit any application and product.

Packaging assists to create brand loyalty; making your product instantly recognizable and distinguishable from your competition. Packaging and labels also provide a medium to convey the use/intention of your product – if potential customers don’t know what it does, then they won’t want to buy it!

We can assist you in designing a label that conveys the purpose and feel of your product, as well as providing full printing services at an affordable price.


  • Unique and modern Packaging Design
  • Local and international Packaging and Label Printers
  • Printed Transparent Boxes, Cardboard Boxes; Clear and Solid Labels
  • Wide range of Label Printers


We create Digital 3D Renders of New Product ideas and Concepts. We also create / design Digital Imagtry of Package Design to give a photo realistic product render / image before going to into Production.

Discovery Stage
Design Stage
Implementation Stage
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"I am so very pleased with the excellent work received from the team at SaturnCube Technologies…"
- Tate Winston
"Thank you so much for the phenomenal job! I highly recommend SaturnCube to anyone seeking a Web or Mobile app service…"
- Nestor Cadena
“SaturnCube provided us with an exceptionally high level of service. The quality of designs, from the logo to the end-product, far surpassed our expectations. However, it was the attentiveness, level of care and professionalism which really stood out.”
Cameron Shaw
Cameron Shaw
Vice President of Sales, Natural Source Group

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