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With over 60% of all internet traffic now coming from a mobile device, it is essential that a website that can be viewed from any device; be it a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer.

The Top 2 Questions About Responsive Web Design

1. What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a method of building a website that is simply able to adjust to whichever screen size it is being viewed on. This provides an optimal viewing capability and enhanced the user experience for potential customers who will be visiting your website from a smartphone or mobile device.

Shockingly, despite the growth in the use of mobile devices and responsive websites, the majority of business websites are not mobile compatible and therefore will not successfully render on mobile devices or smartphones.

2. Will A Responsive Website Benefit My Business?

A mobile-friendly website is essential not only for providing a good user experience but also for being found online. Over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device and Google have also launched Mobile friendly badges in the search results to help guide users on mobile devices.

This means that businesses with a mobile responsive website are likely to receive a higher proportion of traffic from search engines than those who do not. Ultimately an increased volume of traffic will result in an increase in sales and leads for your business.

Responsive website design is particularly beneficial for eCommerce websites as a mobile-friendly shopping cart will result in a more intuitive checkout process. This will result in an increased conversion rate and reduced cart abandonment rate, which translates to an increase in sales. According to eConsultancy 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales.

Whether you’ve already got a website or you’re planning your first web design, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website should be at the top of your priorities. Partnering with a web design company who has a team of experienced responsive website designers and developers is essential to achieve an optimal mobile user experience for your customers.

Why Does Responsive Web Designs Matter?

Below are World Wide Web statistics of end users (out of 100%) using website on different devices.








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