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What Client’s Say About Saturncube Technologies

Live Love Learn and Metamorphosis Design have worked on numerous projects with Saturn Cube Technology and their team and I can highly recommend their excellent service. They are so patient and understanding. Their eye for detail is just what you need to create an impressive website. They can follow a creative brief really well. Their understanding of a responsive up to date website is brilliant.

Tracey Hayim
Tracey Hayim
Creative Director, Live Love Learn | Metamorphosis Design
Alex Sydney
Alex Sydney
Adult Speech Pathology
We (National Emergency Planning and Training Association) have worked with SaturnCube Technologies for approximately two years. They have far exceeded expectations in design and development. They’ve taken our concept and improved it 10 fold. Everyone realizes there are a myriad of steps that occur from dream to project implementation, and there are sometimes misunderstandings in concept and/or processes.

The road is never smoothly paved during development, it’s never all roses and fairy dust; HOWEVER, working with SaturnCube has been a pleasure in every aspect and getting through those hurdles in unison has been simply amazing. They have a team of incredibly talented individuals who are full experience, humility, professionalism, and understanding. We’ve worked with a dedicated SaturnCube project manager for over a year now and he is highly intuitive, responsive, timely, and professional. We have full trust and confidence in SaturnCube and will be running all of our current and future developments through them.

I really enjoyed working with the SaturnCube team for the UI/UX design of the website and subsequently, app development on Android and iOS platforms. What really stood out for me apart from quality was their commitment to delivery. The timelines in which the team delivered were amazing, and any amount of extra work that the team had to do was absorbed without a hiccup, even in a Holiday period.

They are certainly amongst the best web and mobility solutions company in India. While at their premises, we also got to see their amazing work in gaming and VR. They adapt to new technologies really quickly and the teams spirit is great. I truly had a five-star experience.

James Kuczynski
James Kuczynski
AlwaysHandy Inc.
Z. Tim Kahya
Z. Tim Kahya
SaturnCube delivered an excellent iOS and Android application for us! After an extensive search for the right company to develop our mobile application, we choose SaturnCube because of their quick and professional response which directly showed their involvement and skillful attitude. They provided a clear project planning and explanation of the process and its different phases.

We started with a pleasant kick-off meeting with the account- and project manager to make sure all involved parties are on the same wavelength. The provided collaboration tool Basecamp was a perfect choice for daily communication, questions and updates. Also the different time-zones between Asia and Europe were no problem at all, we always got a quick response to all our questions. SaturnCube has shown to be responsive, flexible and professional throughout the entire project so we highly recommend their mobile development services.

We liked how every task is clearly identified and estimated by SC. We enjoyed how things were taken care of in total transparency. The process is very easy to follow, once the sales team explained how things work at SC someone involved in the dev was added to the call. No waste of time, again very professional and reliable.

SaturnCube developers are genuinely good in their field and their communication skills and sense of responsibility really add up to make the whole process easy for the client. The best for us is really the project management and communication skills, we always felt that we knew at what stage was every task and we always had our questions answered quickly. In short, we would recommend SaturnCube 100%. Great work guys!

Hrouda Robert
Hrouda Robert
Perspective Marketing
Pollard Shen
Pollard Shen
Miner Multimedia INC
I searched long and hard to find a company that could do a specialized request Apple app. It took me 7 years to figure out. It included complex scenarios and math problems. This creates additional problems in development of such software, however we were a team and very engaging to be able to overcome this problem.

This project included text, chat, mobile communications, payment processing, graphics, and a bit of everything. It was 6 months long on everyone’s fulltime work schedule. The team performed excellent within our agreed deadlines and delivered upon our development agreement. Outstanding!

SaturnCube is an outstanding company. Many developers approached me, and “warned” me, that working with offshore companies is difficult. And yes, it is! But this is no reason not to do it. Having your project team & developer not sitting beside you, is a challenge. As you have to have more trust that they do the things right in your absence. Projects never run “smooth”, (otherwise it would be routine tasks and not projects) – and what I like at SC, is, that if there are problems, from scoping, financially or else, you will always find a solution.

Pollard Shen
David Mathew
Round Rock LTD
Pollard Shen
Daniel Lucas
Influx Pvt Ltd.
SaturnCube Technologies team overall rating is mostly on the very good side, they need a strong Product/Project Manager to get things going right and I myself could get very good quality, but that was mostly at the cost of time where I had to be resourceful, explain often more than once where and how to solve problems. The team need to be more focused, diligent, and enhance their communication.

Time wasted on repeated jobs could be reduced by at least third if more focus and proactivity is considered. The way from Good to Great is not far for them. “First Generation Farmers” – I had the pleasure to work with SaturnCube on the second project after a web-app.

FGF project was a total makeover for an agriculture website using WP theme. The team was very good at accommodating constantly changing requirements and building what was not part of the original theme. I would definitely work with them again on my next venture.

The client is a digital marketing company whose main role is to promote their client’s online presence throughout the global market. They help keep your business on top of the buyer’s mind and help you engage with your potential buyer by implementing customized creative marketing strategies using the latest tools and media trends. They were looking for website developers to get their clients’ websites developed and that’s how they got in touch with Saturncube Technologies.

The technical expertise, the proactive nature and the timeliness on completing the projects has left the client highly impressed. They would highly recommend Saturncube to work with because of the support they provide and their ability to understand the requirements of the project well.

Pollard Shen
Martin Stifford
Advanced Printing LCN
Pollard Shen
Clara James
Blaze Pvt Ltd
The client deals in the stock trading domain and wanted to develop an application that can collect real-time stock information from particular servers and transfer that information to the app users. Saturncube Technologies took care of every technical aspect of the client’s Android application for Stock market from scratch including designing and development. They also developed a website for branding for them. The project was completed within the proposed time and budget.
I remember spending weeks upon weeks looking for a company to develop my application, I ended up speaking to about 5 but right from the start, SaturnCube left me with a great impression. There was genuine interest in my project, a desire to understand it and provide useful feedback even though I hadn’t decided to work with them. That early experience, along with the fact that they were always willing to work on their proposal to fit my budget, obviously influenced my decision. “These guys really do know how to get a client”, was my initial thought, and obviously, I did my research (CV, other projects, company video on Youtube, etc.) and even though I had an idea about the quality they could achieve, I am constantly surprised at their eagerness to maintaining a good relationship with the client and really deliver on my expectations.

My experience with SaturnCube goes beyond what I’m used to in that I really enjoyed the team dynamics, work ethics, and honesty. I would definitely continue putting my trust in them.

Pollard Shen
Cameron Shaw
Vice President of Sales, Natural Source Group
Pollard Shen
John Baverstock
Director Tendrs Pty Ltd
We at tendrs.com.au engaged the team at SaturnCube Technologies to redesign our website image to give us a more up to date look. We were very impressed with their design work and consequently engaged them further to install the new design onto our site. Our website has many complex functions and initially Saturncube team had a few issues with working the design into the site while maintaining the functions. But they persisted and eventually got us there. They were brilliant to deal with and we are now looking to have them undertake further updates. We would highly recommend them.
Saturncube Technologies have been in business with my small private practice, Sydney Adult Speech Pathology, since August 2014 and have produced the finest of services. I first required a web design and going live but has since moved on to many other services including ongoing maintenance of website, letterhead and business card designs. I highly recommend Saturncube Technologies for any business services as no request was too small and the work was conveniently prompt every time. Saturncube Technologies were very reasonably priced and I negotiated on a few pieces of work the more services I utilized with them. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams
Sydney Adult Speech Pathology

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